The platform deszpot presents hand-made, limited and numbered series of exceptional soundworks. We are proud to collaborate with devoted and enthousiastic local craftsmen and -women, to do good old handcraft (with emphasis on hand) ourselves. Only the pressing is outsourced – at least until we find a way to it at home, too...

Handmade stamp marked CD covers

Stempel Stempel
Stempel Stempel

The covers of the vinyledition of Mörder in der Pulvermühle were printed by Luki in the Druckerei Reitschule, Berne, as serigraphies

Siebdruck Siebdruck

The text cards Inventuren were produced by Monica Jäggli with an old school letterpress printing machine (photos: > Petra Schlaefle)

Hochdruck Hochdruck

Limited and numbered editions

Nummern Nummern