Annette Schmucki

Annette Schmucki was born in Zurich in 1968. She graduated as a guitarist, obtained her BA in composition with Cornelius Schwehr and her MA with Mathias Spahlinger in Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany. Her focus lays on the overlapping field of language and music. Her work consists of composing, writing, performing.
Schmucki has received numerous prices and grants for her artistic work. She gets comissioned to write for internationally renowned ensembles and festivals.
Apart from her solitary work she has been collaborating with radio artist Reto Friedman since 2000 in the duo "blablabor". In 2010 she founded the sampler duo "band" with Petra Ronner. And together with visual artist Maria Gasche she invents the lifes of the "sieben schweinsschwestern".
Urs Graf portrayed her in his movie "Hagel und Haut" that premiered in 2010. In 2012/13 she was a resident artist at the Villa Concordia in Bamberg, Germany.
Annette Schmucki is presently preparing an edition of written and oral texts in a mobile form. She works in an old factory in the Bernese Jura and on the outing.

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