Beni Weber

Beni Weber
is a drummer, organplayer, drawer and painter. He lives and works in Biel. He plays a.o. with Putsmarie, Annamateur (D), Hotcha, Rue du Congo and is active in the impro scene.

Recent works
· Nick Porsche drummer in Nick Porsche's band
· Notmusik Duo with the saxophon player Silber Ingold
· Putsmateur Collaboration of Putsmarie and the German musician Annamateur
· Big Zis Collaboration with the Swiss rapper Big Zis
· Danter Quartett with Silber Ingold, Frank Heierli and Mats Kolb

Release on deszpot
· #002 – Inventuren / Dürig-Müller-Heierli-Weber