Christian Müller

Christian Müller, born near Basel, Switzerland, is clarinettist and electronic-musician. He completed his classical studies at the Conservatory for Music & Theater Berne in 1996 with a teacher's diploma and in 1998 with a Reifediplom (Master). During the last fifteen years Christian Müller worked mainly as improvising electronic-musician, electro-acoustic bass-clarinetist and composer with a conceptual approach. He realized numerous works with his duo strøm (with Gaudenz Badrutt, electronics, since 2000), and also in national and international projects with musicians like Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Jonas Kocher and Tomas Korber. As member of strøm and as a solo musician he created several sound installations and audiovisual pieces and also worked in multimedia-based contexts with dancers and performers. Since 2002 he composes regularly music for theater productions a. o. at the Staatstheater Stuttgart (DE), the Schauspielhaus Wien (AT), the Staatsschauspiel Dresden (DE), the Stadttheater Bern (CH) or the Luzerner Theater (CH). Since 2011 he works with the writer Regina Dürig. As Butterland they created several produced and live works. Additionally to his music, Christian Müller regularly organizes concerts and festivals, among them the Ear We Are, an international festival for improvised music in Biel, Switzerland. Christian Müller lives in Biel, Switzerland.

Release on deszpot
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