Dominik Blum

Dominik Blum, Pianist, keyboarder, analog electronics. Concert graduate SMPV at Urs Peter Schneider in Bern. Hammond- and church organ based on autodidact learning. Classical repertoire (the two Vienna schools, Debussy, Scrjabin, Hauer) and contemporary works by international and Swiss composers, Swiss first performances of works by Sam Hayden, David Dramm, Werner M. Grimmel, Olga Diener a.o. Free music and interdisciplinary projects in several groups: Since 1995 with Hammond Avant-Core Trio Steamboat Switzerland, since 2003 with the georgian pianist Tamriko Kordzaia. 2000 first release of solo piano works by the Swiss avantgarde composer Hermann Meier. Tours in Europe, China, Russia, USA, Canada, Southern America. Performances at many international jazz festivals and festivals for New Music. Composer of open musical concepts (music one, two, three, The Peacemaker a.o.).

Release on deszpot
· #004 – Bock - Azeotrop | Felix Profos