Marc Lardon

Marc Lardon lives in Grisons. He is a bass clarinet and contra bass clarinet player and uses analog electronic increments for his instruments. He has studied under Harry Sparnaay in Amsterdam. Marc Lardon is interested and engaged in the fields of improvisation and contemporary written music: As interpreter he works with musicians like Cäcilia Schüeli, David Sontòn, the Ensemble Ö or as solo player. As a conceptual musician he created numerous live theater music pieces. As improviser he plays solo as Mörder, with Andreas Glauser as Splitter, with Daniel Sailer as plutoniumtransport and furthermore with musicians like Hans Koch, Peter Conradin Zumthor or Christian Müller.

Recent works
· Work on his solo program CRT
· plutoniumtransport, Duo with Daniel Sailer
· Splitter, Duo with Andreas Glauser
· Organiser of the concert series Soundhund
Collaborator and musician in the concert series for New Music Ö!

Release on deszpot
· #001 – Mörder in der Pulvermühle / Marc Lardon Solo