deszpot is a music-text-platform which is committed to radical, cross-border and daring positions and works. The home of deszpot is south foot of the Jura and it’s artistic origin is the experimental music scene of Biel (Switzerland) as well as the experimental scene’s global net. The musical base of the platform is electronic and electroacustic music, sound art, contemporary forms of improvisation and conceptual music.

deszpot presents in the first place actual music creations which are searching for an independent and consistent musical language in cross-border and transdisciplinary approaches. deszpot believes strongly in music that exceeds the limits of established styles and genres, the label therefore dedicates itself to music which seeks the interaction with other media, positions, forms and artistic languages.

deszpot is deszpot, because the world would be not as half as beautiful without the claim of a spiritual and artistic free space, without the faith in a sensual and personal daydream of visions.

deszpot is curated by the Biel based musician Christian Müller (one half of the duo strøm).